Using techniques from around the globe our massages are designed to sooth away your aches & pains.

Our massages can be adapted to meet your individual needs, be that a strong and deep tissue massage or a lighter and more relaxing Swedish massage.

Leg & Foot (30mins) £25 An energising treatment for tired, aching, puffy legs and feet

Indian Head (45mins) £30 application of ancient massage techniques to the upper body, shoulders, arms, neck, face amp; scalp, to relieve tension. Excellent for stress related problems, headaches, depression, tinnitus, eyestrain, insomnia & sinus congestion

Full Body (1 hour) £45 This whole body therapeutic massage can be targeted to problem areas or can eliminate muscle tension and lymph congestion all over the body. An hour of total body relaxation using natures finest oils

Full Body (1hour 30mins) £60 This complete body treatment targets stress and tension whilst restoring health & well-being. Including relaxation techniques. Pressure point, Facial, Indian head and full body massage

Back, Neck & Shoulder (30mins) £30 Targeted to problem areas, relieving deep routed muscular tension, restoring a relaxed and rebalanced new you.

Deep Exfoliating Back Treatment

Designed to freshen, invigorate and deeply cleanse the back. Your back is cleansed, naturally exfoliated and massaged to stimulate circulation. Skin is left clearer, softer and brighter. Massage and skin treatment in one. (45minutes) £45

Body Brushing

Exfoliating dead skin cells from hard to reach areas of the body.

An excellent pre-holiday treatment to prolong your tan!

Stimulates the lymph system; improved circulation delivers essential nutrients & oxygen to tissues & organs whilst effectively removing excess fluid & toxins from your system.

Recommended before all our massage treatments.

£10 Full Body, £5 Back of Body

Hot Stone Massage

Warm Basalt stones to melt away tension

Therapeutic heat is slowly released into the belly of the muscle for a completely new body experience. Small stones are placed on key energy points, whilst luxuriously warmed oils are massaged deeply into the body for maximum relaxation. Designed to target deep-rooted tension. Perfect for those suffering from muscle fatigue.

Full Body (1 hr 15mins) 65

Back, Neck & Shoulders (45 mins) £40

Lava Shell Massage

Genuine 'Tiger Clam' shells from the Philippines

Lava shells are self-heating; filled with a mixture of natural minerals, sea kelp & algae, heat is produced when a simple saline activator is added.

The combination of soothing heat and gentle massage stimulates the body’s natural systems to effectively eliminate toxins and reduce bloating. This treatment will leave you feeling comfortable, rejuvenated and blissfully relaxed.

Lava Shell massage is particularly good for

  • Deep relaxation
  • Menstrual cramps
  • Anybody who feels cold generally
  • Depression
  • Anyone who suffers from stress, lethargy or is generally feeling run-down

Full body (1hr 15mins) £65

Back, Neck & Shoulder (45mins) £40

Reflexology (1hour) £35 An ancient relaxation technique, by applying light pressure to the reflex points in the feet, organs & systems of the body can be rebalanced. Reflexology helps the flow of blood and lymph in our bodies; creates balance, relaxation, relieves stress, pain and improves energy levels.

Exotic Lime & Ginger Salt Glow (1hour) £40

A body exfoliation ritual to invigorate & revitalise the body. After light body brushing, warm oil is dripped luxuriously over the body, before the sublime Elemis Exotic Lime & Ginger Salt Glow is applied. Skin is deeply cleansed and moisturised, leaving it glowing and vibrant, replenished and flawless. A relaxing massage concludes this blissful treatment.

Recommended: 1 treatment every 3 weeks.