With raised awareness of sun damage and UV tanning, you can still feel great & look fantastic all year round. Achieve a safe, streak free, even tan in minutes; giving you long lasting effects

Sienna x Spray Tanning solutions are available in 3 shades to guarantee a natural looking tan. All Sienna x spray tan solutions are alcohol & paraben free, packed full of natural, organic ingredients to help care for your skin.

Full Body £25

Tanning Preparation

Prior to your treatment

  • Ensure all hair removal is performed at least 24hrs prior to tanning
  • Take a shower or bath
  • Exfoliate entire body, concentrating on elbows, knees, ankles & any dry patches
  • Do not apply oil based lotions
  • Do not apply deodorant
  • Do not apply make-up
  • Wear a bathing suit or old underwear for treatment

Tanning Aftercare Advice

For the first 24hrs after treatment

  • Avoid any contact with water
  • The initial colour will appear relatively darker than you anticipate; this is just the tan residue and not the true tan. Products are uniquely formulated to work with your natural skin tone so, as your tan develops it will only go as dark as your skin would naturally tan
  • Allow the tan to develop for at least 8 hours before showering or bathing - the tan will keep developing for up to 24 hours
  • Wear loose, dark clothing and flip-flops immediately after treatment
  • Straps, closed toe shoes & tight clothing will rub the tan, leaving an uneven finish and marks in the area

Tanning Homecare Advice

Actions to be taken in between treatments

  • Moisturising daily will maintain your tan
  • Exfoliating every 2-3 days will allow the tan to fade evenly
  • Your tan should last 7-10 days, dependant on skin type & how you care for your tan